Dropped Kerbs Chalford St Giles

Dropped Kerb Contractors Chalford St Giles

If you’re looking for dropped kerb installers in Chalford St Giles – Pavefirm are here to help. Our professional staff provide a range of expert dropped kerb services. We are a local Chalford St Giles authority approved dropped kerb contractor, installing dropped kerbs for homes and businesses across the Chalford St Giles area.

Installing a dropped kerb can make a huge improvement to accessing your property as well as helping to ensure people do not park in front of your driveway.

Dropped Kerb Driveways in Chalford St Giles

We have many years’ experience in installing dropped kerbs in Chalford St Giles. As an experienced and professional dropped kerb driveway company we can help you apply for the relevant planning permission needed – managing the whole process for you.

If you decide to have a dropped kerb, we will organise a visit to your property and take the correct measurements and see what public utility services are present, whether you are on a main road etc and any other consideration that would be needed for planning permission.

Do I need a dropped kerb?

If you need to drive a vehicle over the public footpath onto your Chalford St Giles driveway, you’ll need to install a dropped kerb.

A dropped kerb allows vehicles to cross the pavement from the road to a driveway and it is a legal requirement to have a dropped kerb in Chalford St Giles if you want to drive across the pavement onto your property.

Do you need planning permission?

You will need to apply to your local Chalford St Giles council for permission to install a dropped kerb before we can commence any of the physical work. If you prefer, we can do this for you on your behalf.


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